CMS Software support offerings

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A complete solution

HPE Solution Support Services for CSP’s provides high quality services that address all aspects of your solution and software application life-cycle needs. With HPE, you have access to telecom software coupled with best-in-class services and support.


CMS Software support offerings

Our support portfolio provides a comprehensive suite of industry leading reactive and proactive support services, creating a valuable long-term partnership between you and your software team.

Our complete portfolio consists of:
  • Foundation support
  • Premier Support
  • Customer Support Services

Foundation Support

HPE Foundation Support for CSPs Datasheet (.PDF)*Requires an active contract to access. The Foundation Support comprises four offers.
  • Basic - This 9x5 support offer is designed to cover your noncritical environment.

  • Standard - This 24x7 Support offer covers applications.

  • Enhanced - This 24x7 Telecom Support offer is designed for network platforms and select applications

  • Critical - This 24x7 Telecom Critical support offer, with aggressive service-level objectives (SLOs), is available on limited solutions and geographies, and designed to answer your unique response needs
HPE Premier Support for CSPs (.PDF)*

Premier Support is a packaged solution support service on top of our foundation support for solutions. It features:

  • Premier Response: packaged service to optimize the support of the entire solution. Premier Response includes support services such as support kick off meeting, customer operational profile management and access to a Premier Care Team.
  • Premier Advisory: personalization of Premier services. Premier Advisory provides additional support services such as a Named Response Center Engineer, coordination with third parties, support plan and proactivity.
HPE Support Policy Guidelines for CSPs (.PDF)* The Support Policy Guidelines establish our obligation to customers with respect to our support offering. It reinforces HPE's standardized approach to properly setting up customer expectations.
The lifecycle of a network platform is different from an application. Consequently, the support policies are different during the lifecycle of a product.
HPE Software customer support handbook for CSPs (.PDF)* This handbook provides guidelines and reference materials to software support.

Custom Support Services

Custom Support Services includes deliverables in four disciplines - enhancement, operational, proactive and reactive services. In these four disciplines, a set of custom deliverables or features are available to address your specific solution support needs.

Support Services at a glance

Custom Support Services:
Custom support services for solutions, including support services for 3rd party technologies and products, and for solution customization


Premier Support Services:
Prepackaged reactive and proactive support services for solutions


Foundation Support Services:
Prepackaged reactive support services for products


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