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Failed to set the meta data of project 'XXXX'
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Failed to set the meta data of project 'XXXX'
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Mon Apr 14 10:10:10 GMT 2014
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This article explains one of the scenarios in which 'Failed to set the meta data of project' error can occur.

Failed to set the meta data of project 'XXXX', ; Failed SQL: /* ~~QC */ ALTER TABLE BUG ADD BG_USER_35 VARCHAR (255) NULL [Mercury][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Column names in each table must be unique.Column name 'BG_USER_35' in table 'BUG' is specified more than once.;

The Column BG_USER_35 is not unique.

Drop the Column BG_USER_35 from the BUG table to fix the issue.

NOTE : Take help from DBAs to know the query to drop the column.