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TeMIP V6.2I - nnmi_am - License Check Failed
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Title :
TeMIP V6.2I - nnmi_am - License Check Failed
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temip am toolkits and connectivity 6.0 ;
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Updated :
Wed May 14 01:44:30 GMT 2014
Summary :
The customer failed to installed nnmi am on TeMIP V6.2I

the following error was logged in /var/opt/temip/trace/nnmi_am_toolkit.log:

25/04 12:35:58;[];tnt_advanced_directives : [Starting the creation of the NNMi_CONFIGURATION instance smalias_nnm_conf :
25/04 12:35:58.294095[27795][1] Unexpected return status 52876378 at line 719 in file ../tfc_wp_call.cxx   Error text is : %MCC-E-LIC_FAILED, license check failed


The problem is due to backward compatibility issue with older AM’s. ATNI has not been recompiled since V6.0. Hence both V6.1 and V6.2 IA versions (not Linux) have this issue. To enable ATNI to work with V6.2 on IA, you can choose the backward compatibility mode as a temporary solution.

Here is how to do it.

1.       Stop temip
2.       Start temip_setup and choose “Advanced TeMIP Configuration”
3.       Select “Configure Backward Compatibility mode for V5 AMs [For HPUX IA Only]” and answer ‘Y’ to enable backward compatibility mode.
4.       Exit the temip_setup by exiting each level.
5.       Start TeMIP