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ERROR : temip_ahds.idx not found!!!
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Title :
ERROR : temip_ahds.idx not found!!!
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temip framework ;
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Updated :
Mon May 26 02:18:01 GMT 2014
Summary :
temip_backup log of for logged the following error: ERROR : temip_ahds.idx not found!!!

the following error logged in temip_backup log for temip_backup

 Action name          : isam_date
Action number (i/n)  : 2/4

>>>> ERROR  : temip_ahds.idx not found!!!


/var/opt/temip/temip_ahds.* are used for isam datastore only, if the system use sqlite datastore, these files are not used. 


if isam datastore is not used, remove the following line from

isam_date temip_ahds.idx