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UCMDB pull from BSM RTSM failing
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Title :
UCMDB pull from BSM RTSM failing
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Product - Version:
universal cmdb ;
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Updated :
Thu Aug 14 18:20:59 GMT 2014
Summary :
UCMDB pull from BSM RTSM failing
2014-05-30 15:14:22,655 WARN  -  [ID= 224670557] [Customer ID=1]
During data-in matching the following objects were merged in memory and connected to 549 objects that are part of its reconciliation data
{node@9649e8949b5575663d5b47ca6cae77ab}@[(, (string-bios_uuid:[Empty CMDB property value]), (string-name:hencap1), (string-global_id:9649e8949b5575663d5b47ca6cae77ab), (string-bios_asset_tag:[Empty CMDB property value]), (string-os_family:[Empty CMDB property value]), (string-bios_serial_number:[Empty CMDB property value]), (string-net_bios_name:[Empty CMDB property value]), (string-ud_unique_id:[Empty CMDB property value]), (string-serial_number:[Empty CMDB property value])]
{node@$TempObjectf4f1af2b75c2613ce3b8d3f0875bbb5e}@[(, (string-data_source:DS_NNMi_from_RTSM_NNM_from_RTSM_Integration)]:
make sure this object is valid or change the threshold using the setting "reconciliation.connected.cis.threshold"
The pushback IDs was failing because there were duplicates in RTSM
Remove the duplicate CIs to prevent this problem