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UCA TBC - some rca alarm cannot be cleared
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Title :
UCA TBC - some rca alarm cannot be cleared
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unified topology manager ;
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Wed Oct 01 02:11:36 GMT 2014
Summary :
some rca alarm cannot be cleared after the children alarms were cleared.

check the followning trace log for more info.


search for the children alarm related trace from eventlog_exception.log and check for exception info

2014-07-30 01:13:53,Non-recoverable,Failed (SQL) to terminate Event in DB,EventDBService,EventDBEngineOracle,terminateEvent(),1
Attributes <<[Event [ (key=baseClass & object=com.hp.sdh.TerminationPoint), (key=originatingTime & object=2014-07-30 01:13:53), (key=previousSeverity & object=Major), (key=eventId &
Exception Text <<ORA-01704: string literal too long

The root cause of the problem is the length of the  Additional Text field of the raw alarm. When the raw  alarm is terminated, it is failed to be inserted into  the ev_event table of UCA because of the length of  Additional Text field. This issue is fixed by optimizing  the insert SQL.
UCATBCENGLIN_00013 was developed for this issue