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TSC - TeMIPServiceConsole failed to start
Title :
TSC - TeMIPServiceConsole failed to start
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temip service console ;
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Updated :
Fri May 08 18:52:07 GMT 2015
Summary :
TSC cannot start successfully after installation.
[2015/04/16 11:30:48.853]FATAL:[main][TeMIPCall] Exception caught during license check call: Connection refused
[2015/04/16 11:30:49.737]INFO :[main][SisWebServiceConnector] one SisEvent sent to
[2015/04/16 11:30:49.737]ERROR:[main][StartUp] Program failed, detail information: The Web Server is not accessible; check the temip_web_services application on TeMIP Director or security configuration (axis2.xml file on client and server)
The security levels defined for TWS and TSC are not the same; the security level of TWS and TSC should be the same; refer to section 5.2 of TeMIP Service Console Installation Configuration and User Guide.
change the security level of TSC and TWS to the same level;refer to section 5.2 of TeMIP Service Console Installation Configuration and User Guide.