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How to Startup ALM configuration wizard on ALM12.x
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How to Startup ALM configuration wizard on ALM12.x
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Thu Apr 30 07:22:43 GMT 2015
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When we nevigate in ALM12.x installation folder, we can see run_configuration.bat. This is the configuration wizard startup file for ALM12.x like run_after_finish.bat file in ALM11.x

If we run run_configuration.bat file directly to start up the ALM configuration wizard, we will get the following error:

C:\Program Files\HP\ALM>run_configuration.bat
missing UI mode (the default UI mode is "gui")

If we open run_configuration.bat by editor tool, we can find that we need to specify two values for the following two parameters to start the ALM configuration wizard for ALM12.x:


We can use value 'GUI' to start the configuration wizard with GUI mode and 'Y' to disable DB validation like this:

C:\Program Files\HP\ALM>run_configuration.bat GUI Y