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Integration [793] - Micro Focus Propel Service Exchange - R2F & Ticketing Adapte...
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Integration [793] - Micro Focus Propel Service Exchange - R2F & Ticketing Adapter for Service Anywhere (SAW)
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saas service anywhere ; service manager ;
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Tue Sep 12 00:00:00 GMT 2017
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Integration Catalog
Micro Focus Propel Service Exchange - R2F & Ticketing Adapter for Service Anywhere (SAW) - Catalog Id: 793


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HPE Propel integrates with HPE Service Anywhere (HPE SAW) to accomplish request-to-fulfill (R2F) use cases and ticket management. HPE Propel aggregates catalog items from HPE SAW, allowing the consumer (end user) to order HPE SAW catalog items using HPE Propel. Once an order is placed, HPE SAW is used for fulfillment. HPE Propel listens for changes to the fulfillment request (for example, completion or approval) and propagates these changes back to the appropriate HPE Propel. The consumer can also issue a ticket against HPE SAW from the HPE Propel Request Support application. In this case HPE Propel uses the SAW API to create a service request. Other ticket management operations (including List, View Detail, Add Comment or Attachment, and Close) result in corresponding action invocation from HPE SAW.

 Each interface is a RESTful API and uses standard web services to implement the APIs.



Propel Service Exchange

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Service Exchange



Documentation for this integration can be found using the following links:


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Propel Service Exchange
Service Anywhere
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