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CreateTT failed due to several incident object definitions in IncidentManagement...
This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided as is
Title :
CreateTT failed due to several incident object definitions in IncidentManagement.wsdl
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temip liaisons 6.1 ;
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Updated :
Wed Jul 22 10:05:43 GMT 2015
Summary :
CreateTT failed due to several incident object definitions in IncidentManagement.wsdl. As a result WSDL file used to generate ovscws.jar file includes several definitions of the same element (for example, JournalUpdates element). It’s needed to remove “unnecessary” incident object definitions from IncidentManagement.wsdl.

The following error occurs during CreateTT command in SM Adapter console output:

Exception in thread "1000" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:


The message means that there are inconsistencies between translation logic and classes in ovscws.jar file or core classes of SM Adapter itself.
This might be due to the WSDL files used to generate ovscws.jar file and included several definitions of the same element. For example, multiple definitions of “JournalUpdates” element. It can be as a result of additional definitions of incident objects in IncidentManagement.wsdl besides of Incident and IncidentwithoutJournalUpdates objects.

Note: Modification applied upon clear installation of HP SM including customization of web services (IncidentManagement web service, for example) may cause compatibility issues.


The following solution is applied in case WSDLToJava tool generates ovscws.jar library using local resources without downloading wsdl files from SM.

Before ovscws.jar lib generation it’s needed to remove “unnecessary” definitions from IncidentManagement.wsdl:

    1. Download IncidentManagement.wsdl from HP SM server: http://<hp sm server host>:<port>/SM/7/IncidentManagement.wsdl
    2. Tailor the wsdl file so that it contains only the following operations and corresponding data types for Incident object:
       – RetriveIncident
       – RetriveIncidentKeysList
       – RetrieveIncidentList
       – UpdateIncident
       – DeleteIncident
       – CreateIncident
       – CloseIncident
      Note: Operations, elements and datatypes for IncidentwithoutJournalUpdates object may stay untouched.
    3. Put modified IncidentManagement.wsdl file into resources folder of WSDLToJava tool (resource folder should contain Common.xsd, xmlmime, EventManagement.wsdl, IncidentManagement.wsdl, TTAlarmsManagement.wsdl).
    4. Generate ovscws.jar library
    5. Stop SM adapter
    6. Backup currerent ovsws.jar located in {SM adapter installation directory}/lib directory
    7. Replace current ovsws.jar with the new generated one
    8. Modify IncidentTranslation.xml if needed
    9. Run omruncompiler under the directory {INSTALL_PATH}/bin to make mapping rules to take effect
    10. Start SM adapter

In case there is WSDLToJava tool with downloading of wsdl files from SM:
1) Check additional incident objects in WSDL definition of IncidentManagement on SM side on their necessity.
2) If they are needed, create support case to receive WSDLToJava tool capable to generate ovcsws.jar library using local resources.