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When to invoke ErrorRuleChain in NMERPCClientRule
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When to invoke ErrorRuleChain in NMERPCClientRule
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internet usage manager 8.0 ;
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Wed Sep 02 08:23:12 GMT 2015
Summary :
In Internet Usage Manager (IUM) component com.hp.usage.nme.rpc.client.NMERPCClientRule, there are three configurable ErrorRuleChain to handle different errors. - NoConnectionErrorRuleChain - CommunicationErrorRulechain - TimeoutRuleChain When will the rule chains be invoked accordingly?

Here is the detail explanation of the errors which will result invocation of the ErrorRuleChain accordingly.

• NoConnectionErrorRuleChain:  If there are no open server connections available
• CommunicationErrorRulechain: When the client could not send a packet to server due to errors such as IOException, when the server responded back with an error response
• TimeoutRuleChain : When there is no response from the server within the configurable ResponseTimeout