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Error message: "TreeJ2EETBD.MsrsGroups: Error Reading TCollectionItem..." when o...
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Title :
Error message: "TreeJ2EETBD.MsrsGroups: Error Reading TCollectionItem..." when openning analiysys
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Product - Version:
performance center 12.01 ;
OS :
Updated :
Mon Feb 08 09:49:19 GMT 2016
Summary :
LR Analysis always hangs when opened. An exception appears, and the Analysis does not respond anymore.

An error message “1. Exception: Error Reading TreeJ2EETBD.MsrsGroups: Error Reading TCollectionItem.MsrGroup” Property MsrGroup does not exist.” when LR analysis is being opened.
A screenshot attached contains the entire error message.

image text


LRAnalysis80.ini becomes corrupted

From <Host Installation >\config copy LRAnalysis80.ini in a different place
Delete LRAnalysis80.ini from <Host Installation >\config
Start Analysis as running it as administrator