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What is the content of the e-mails sent by the BSM Notification mechanism ?
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What is the content of the e-mails sent by the BSM Notification mechanism ?
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application performance management (bac) ;
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Wed Feb 17 09:36:36 GMT 2016
Summary :
details about the BSM Notification system

OMi/BSM version 9.2x. 


Notification rules have been created via ("Admin->Operations Management->Event Automation->Notifications") to send e-mails to several recipients.


Issue : how can one know which e-mails the Notification mechanism actually has sent ?


Which logs can be looked or put in debug just to obtain this information ?


This information is needed to document what actually has been sent as e-mail to the recipient by the BSM system.



The notification-service.log file under the HPBSM\log\EJBContainer at the DPS should contain the information required.

Set the logging to debug (HPBSM\conf\core\Tools\log4j\EJB\ in order to see the actual details of the notification being sent out.  For example:


 [JMS Session Delivery Thread - om-gbl-46_mercury_as_NOTIFICATION_SERVICE_SERVER$SESSION$18:-1193470707460210688] ( DEBUG - Customer [1], context [EventNotificationContext]: Message object: customerID [1], context [context name [EventNotificationContext], start time [1394199153478], time to live [6000000]], messages [[recipient messages [[recipient [BSMRecipientImpl{m_id=3, m_name='xxxxx', m_customerID=1, m_timeZone='xxxx', m_notifications=[BSMNotificationImpl{m_type=EMAIL, m_value=';'}]}], notification types [[EMAIL]]]], notifications [{SMS=body [Test Note], PAGER=body [Test], EMAIL=body [Test

event.custom.AlertTriggerTime ], subject [CRITICAL: Problem occured on ], content type [text/plain]}]]]

[pool-notificationServiceSenderThreadPool-thread-2] ( DEBUG - Customer [1], context [EventNotificationContext]: type [EMAIL], addresses [[]] - starts task of sending a notification.

 [pool-notificationServiceSenderThreadPool-thread-2] ( DEBUG - Customer [1], context [EventNotificationContext]: type [EMAIL], addresses [[]] - notification was sent successfully.